We are developing

the missing technology

for an affordable and faster transition to clean energy

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Rethinking T&D for clean energy transition

The use of 20th-century transmission and distribution (T&D) technology is increasing the cost of using electricity, while, in contrast, the actual cost of clean energy generation has decreased. This divergence will likely continue because the 21st-century energy transition requires massive upgrades of legacy 20th-century T&D, which is slowing the adoption of renewables and financially burdening Consumers and Businesses.



A massive overhaul of T&D infrastructure is necessary to actualize a net-zero system with 100% renewables. Reason: 

Low capacity factor renewables + Low load factor electrification (for example, fast-charging of EVs) = a lower utilization of T&D lines.  

Result: Higher T&D investment, up to 2-3x more, per kWh used by the Consumers and Businesses.  

Solar panel over cityscapes, solar power green energy for life concept,City Singapore Skyline.

Slow Adoption

The cost allocation and permitting of T&D lines remain complex. This results in a long and slow process to bring renewables online. Many renewable projects are unrealized due to delays, while those delays increase the soft costs of those that are built.

Result: A slow transition to net-zero (by 2050). Using solar energy will be over 10x more expensive than actually generating it. 

The Windmills of California


We are developing a non-wires technology platform that will enable a point-to-point connection between renewables generation and end-use, at near 100% utilization factor, and eliminates the cost allocation and permitting issues, resulting in a lower cost, flexible and faster adoption of clean energy. 

Discovery: By utilizing the existing transportation and feedstock infrastructures and augmenting the electrical T&D, the non-wires technology will bend not only the decarbonization curve but also bend the cost curve. 

Our non-wires alternatives use multiphysics technologies at "the Edge" to realize a safer, compact, and scalable energy carrier capable of delivering MWh to GWh of clean energy daily using the transportation infrastructure directly to Consumers and Businesses.

We are developing the technology and validating commercial use cases. Please drop us a note to discuss how the non-wires technology platform can help your business.

  • For Retailers/Businesses: A new class of 100% clean onsite energy supply for increasing resiliency and decreasing energy bills simultaneously, an alternative to a fuel cell, CHP, or onsite solar plus storage.
  • For Load Serving Entities: A non-wire clean energy delivery technology for faster, flexible, and low-cost deployment, capable of powering 10s of MW charging infrastructure for heavy-duty EVs without requiring new T&D and substations.
  • For an IPP: A new class of peaking generation, capable of seamless relocation of 100s of MW to GW to another power system node, providing the necessary hedge and increasing the value of merchant tail.
  • For Corporates: A solution for meeting the 24x7 carbon-free sustainability goal without power market exposure.